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Solar energy, the breeding ground for sustainable development

Access to electricity is a basic need and the very first step in any development: it allows access to education, information, health care or job creation.

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Solarly contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

No Poverty

SolarlyBoxes open the way to new income-generating activities such as sewing, hairdressing, opening a bar with a TV and a fridge or an Internet café... Through our payment solutions that take into account the realities of the field, users can pay back the station while strengthening their income. To make the station accessible, Solarly allows the purchase of the SolarlyBox by instalments in order to serve the most needy.

Good Health and Well-being

Solarly solutions allow you to connect a fridge to keep your food longer and avoid food-related illnesses or loss of spoiled food. It is also a perfect solution for hospitals to store vaccines, blood and medicines. In addition, it avoids the use of expensive paraffin lamps that cause respiratory problems.

Affordable and clean energy

Our ultimate mission: clean AND affordable energy. With our payment plans, a Solarly station can be purchased with small monthly payments and offer real energy independence. We also work closely with sponsors and foundations/non-profit organisations to make our boxes easily accessible to homes, hospitals and schools.

We also support :

Quality Education

The Solarly station enables many households to facilitate education by providing power to connect a tablet, laptop, wifi modem and study with light.

Gender Equality

By creating jobs where the station is located, women, often still homemakers on the mainland, can now generate income through the various activities described above, helping to strengthen their position within the household and their financial independence.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Our solutions can be used in water purification and disinfectant creation systems. All you need is water and salt!

Decent work and Economic growth

Here again, the creation of income-generating opportunities plays its part in supporting this SDG.

Reduced inequalities

Access to energy is no longer an urban privilege with the SolarlyBox. The assurance of a source of electricity also impacts on inequality in education, security, etc.

Sustainable cities and communities

While our stations will never replace entire power grids, the communities we interact with show great interest in solar. We want to make a contribution to education about ecology and the need to switch to renewable energy.

Partnerships for the goals

To achieve these goals, partnerships with local actors are essential. Solarly engages many Cameroonians and works with partners from civil society in Cameroon and other countries.

Let's fight together against the rural exodus

We are proud to contribute to the creation of direct and indirect jobs by hiring and training local people, who in turn train the SolarlyBox users to develop their businesses. We hope to inspire rural people and show that you don't have to move to the big cities to have a comfortable life.

Key figures

191 kWp installed

We are seeing this figure grow day by day. With its almost infinite potential for development, the solar sector creates intensive local jobs that cannot be relocated.

40 direct jobs

We started with 4 people, today we are very proud to see our team growing day by day, we are currently more than 40 employees, including 36 in Cameroon!

4192 people

Since our launch, we have already installed hundreds of solar stations in homes, businesses, health centres and community locations. That's over 4192 people who can benefit from clean, reliable energy every day.

639 tons of CO2

saved. Solarly stations generate green energy and thus contribute to the fight against global warming. Each station installed avoids the use of fossil fuels such as paraffin lamps or generators.

510 activities

Our solutions not only provide light, but also generate income. Our users have started or improved their businesses such as hairdresser, bar, restaurant, hotel, farms, plantations...

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