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Which batteries should be used?

We recommend lead-acid batteries of the “GEL” type. AGM batteries are compatible but have a shorter life span. We recommend a battery capacity of between 75 and 150Ah.

Which solar panels should be used?

Our solar station is compatible with MONO and POLY solar panels with 36 cells.

What accessories are available from Solarly?

Almost any 12V device can be connected to the SolarlyBox, Solarly offers a number of accessories directly:

  • Lamps,
  • 24″ and 32″ TVs,
  • 100L and 150L fridges,
  • water pumps,
  • woofer

What is the SolarlyBox?

The SolarlyBox is a smart, stand-alone, connected charge controller that generates a continuous flow of energy to electrify lamps, a fridge (12V), a television (12V) and to charge phones and other devices with a USB charger.

What is the minimum you can do with the 150W Standard Pack?

  • Connect 15 lamps,
  • a TV (12V),
  • recharge phones and other devices (4 USB ports)
  • as well as accessories (hair clippers, wifi modem etc)

What is the minimum you can do with the 300W Premium Pack?

  • Connect 25 lamps,
  • a TV (12V) or a fridge (12V),
  • phones and other devices (4 USB ports)
  • as well as accessories (hairdresser’s clippers, wifi modem etc)

Can a station be shared between two households?

Certainly, one station can electrify several buildings. The system is also scalable and can be upgraded from 150Wp to 300Wp.

What are the benefits?

  1. Solarly has developed this solution in Belgium, it has been extensively tested and is of high quality, which allows us to offer a 2-year guarantee. This means that it is not comparable to low quality products, with no after sales service required in case of problems.
  2. The SolarlyBox has been in development since 2016 and is created to meet the essential needs of households and small businesses, regardless of their sector of activity in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  3. The SolarlyBox is an effective way to generate income:
    • the light allows to illuminate, to give security, to continue business activities after dark;
    • the fridge to keep food and drinks cool, to preserve them better or to be able to sell them over a longer period of time and to avoid stock loss;
    • the television to entertain customers, to keep them in a shop;
      the SolarlyBox can charge phones at a lower cost, creating an additional service;
    • the charging of phones via USBs can be done for a small fee.

What are the advantages of Solarly in terms of services?

  1. Solarly offers a two-year warranty that can be extended indefinitely.
  2. The SolarlyBox is installed by a qualified person who gives the necessary explanation on solar energy and its use, to ensure a good understanding of its use.
  3. If the SolarlyBox has a malfunction or if the customer has a question about use or payment, a helpdesk helps to solve the problem in a timely manner.

How does Solarly offer after-sales service?

The SolarlyBox is smart, it is possible to remotely monitor the operation of the station. Solarly sends notifications to improve the use or to warn the customer that the panels need to be washed, the battery replaced, etc.

How do we make the SolarlyBox accessible ?

  1. The SolarlyBox is modular in terms of purchase price, indeed, after paying a deposit the customer can pay the rest of the SolarlyBox in instalments. This is commonly called Pay-As-You-Go.
  2. Furthermore, the SolarlyBox is scalable in terms of energy, so the same box can accommodate 150 or 300W. A customer can therefore start with 1 panel and a battery for 150W, which costs less. You can then contact Solarly later on to add another panel and an extra battery to increase the power to 300W.

How does Pay-As-You-Go work?

It is possible to spread the payment of the box and to pay by SMS (MTN and Orange), the customer is warned a few days in advance by a light on the box when it approaches its due date. Three days before the due date, the LED indicator under the PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) logo will go from green to orange, then it will turn red indicating that the station is blocked.