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Connectum and Solarly: solar collaboration for sustainable fish farming

The floating system is an innovative method for installing solar panels and solar pumps in fish farming projects. We wanted to test the operation of floating PV on a small scale.

For this pilot project, with the help of Connectum’s know-how, the installation of two 260 watt solar panels and a 250 watt solar pump on a flotation system was carried out. This innovative method avoids the use of land surfaces and combats water evaporation, which is very interesting for water management in arid areas.

The system operates “solar powered”, which means that it uses solar energy to operate and stores the energy in batteries for later use. A big advantage of using this solar system is the reduction in operating costs. This could lead to future use on retention lakes for example.

This is an ideal choice for fish farming projects, as it allows the solar panels and solar pumps to be installed directly on the water, close to the farming areas. This optimises the use of water and solar energy, providing a renewable and sustainable energy source to power the water circulation pumps.

This innovative process, which has benefited the NGO Actions-Puits, is practical for future fish farming projects. It maximises the use of water and solar energy, while reducing installation and maintenance costs.