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For more autonomy and improved comfort in life

Any person, household, company, public space... off-grid or facing regular power cuts can benefit from Solarly solutions.

Go with the SolarlyBox

With the SolarlyBox, you will easily and quickly solve your energy problems and benefit from an infinite number of possibilities. More powerful than most solar stations, it allows you to connect many devices at the same time and create revenue-generating activities. All of our solutions include custom installation, training, a two-year warranty and unmatched after-sales service.

What are our solutions composed of?

From 150Wp to 300Wp

  • The Solarly Pack

  • Accessories

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Choose your pack according to your specific needs

Standard Pack

1 SolarlyBox
1 x solar panel of 150Wp
1 x 12V 75Ah battery
8 lamps

Premium Pack

1 SolarlyBox
2 x solar panel of 150Wp
1 x 12V 150Ah battery
8 lamps

Accessories sold by Solarly


TV 24'' & 32''

Fridge 100L & 150L



Other compatible accessories







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Endless possibilities

  • Standard Pack


    You can connect at least 8 lamps, a 32" TV, a fan, a woofer and charge many phones.

  • Premium Pack

    Snack Bar - Restaurant

    You can connect many lamps, a fridge, a woofer, a TV.

  • Premium Pack

    Hotels and community centres

    You can connect more than 35 lamps and charge phones.

  • Standard Pack

    Hairdressing salon - Refill point

    You can connect at least 8 lamps, a woofer, 5 hair clippers and charge phones.

  • Standard Pack


    You can connect at least 8 lamps, a Wifi modem, connect 2 computers (220V) or a desktop printer and charge phones.

  • Premium Pack


    You can connect at least 8 lamps, a fridge, a 32" TV, a fan, a woofer and charge many phones.

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Payment Solutions

To facilitate the acquisition of our solutions, we offer our users payment plans adapted to their financial capacity via mobile payments. In this way, they can benefit immediately from the energy and develop income-generating activities that will facilitate repayment.

1. We analyse together the energy needs and financial capabilities of the users

2. Our technicians take care of the custom installation, once the deposit has been paid.

3. When the payment plan is fully repaid, the user becomes its full owner!

Questions about funding and PAYG?

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Connected and smart

Through our SLY platform, Solarly is connected to each solar station which allows us to:

Excel in after-sales service :

we remotely monitor the use and performance of the station in real time. This allows us to quickly advise our users, perform remote updates and offer additional services.

Track defaults. :

in case of non-payment, we can activate/deactivate the station accordingly.

Continually improve our offer :

we collect a lot of data that allows us to better understand our users and improve our products.

If you are a distributor, we offer you personal access to the platform for greater independence.

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A modular and sustainable station

Designed to last, our solutions are scalable and repairable.

Over time and according to his needs, the user has the possibility to increase the energy capacity of his solar station.

As a manufacturer and distributor, we know our product inside and out and are on hand locally to repair any faulty solutions.

Our batteries are external to the casing of the station, unlike brands that prefer to replace the entire system at the first sign of trouble.

Fuses are easily accessible to protect the system and facilitate repair.

All our solar stations are accompanied by technical and human support

Advice & custom installations

Before installing our solar stations, we analyze the customer’s needs in order to offer the most adequate solution to his or her situation.

Two year warranty

We offer a two-year warranty on our solar stations. Thereafter, an extension of the warranty is possible. We are also always available for the installation of accessories.


For optimal use of our products, we provide the users with training on how to use our station, these practices help them have an optimal experience.

A trained and experienced local team

Being close to our users is essential for Solarly. In addition to our headquarters in Yaoundé, we have teams of technicians and sales representatives in different regions, which allows for rapid interventions and excellent knowledge of challenges when working in the field.

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