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The FINEXPO project is finished, and it’s a success!

Thanks to funding from Finexpo, we were able to launch an innovative project to bring solar energy to the landlocked regions of Cameroon.

The project consisted in providing 500 SolarlyBoxes in more than 200 health centres identified by Solarly, Power Africa in collaboration with the public client: the Rural Electrification Agency.

However, Solarly’s solar home system is designed to be easy to use and maintain, allowing people in these areas to enjoy the benefits of solar energy, such as lighting, refrigerators (cold chains), charging mobile phones and computers, and much more.

The project has fully completed its deployment and has received a very positive response from the local communities. The inhabitants of these regions have expressed their gratitude for this sustainable and economical energy solution, which allows them to free themselves from dependence on polluting and expensive energy sources.

In that respect, this project is an inspiring example of how multiple organisations can work together to provide sustainable solutions to global problems. By bringing solar energy to areas in need, this project can help improve people’s quality of life while reducing environmental impact.

In conclusion, the FINEXPO project is important and promising for the future of clean and sustainable energy. It demonstrates that business can play a key role in bringing about positive change for communities around the world.