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Installations for health centers in the commune of Foumban

Two weeks ago, our team of electricians traveled the roads of the West region to install the final kits of the Finexpo project. The health centres are often located in very remote areas and are therefore not always accessible. Our drivers and technicians often travel several kilometers, and not often on good roads, to be able to drop off the kits and do the installations.


Installation at Magba

Here is an installation made in the health centre of Magba. Our technicians, Mbauris and Alios placed three Solarly kits that will light several buildings. When they made the final connections, the rooms were lit. And with them, the faces of the nurses and the patients. They were all very happy and thankful, especially since some time before, they were totally immersed in darkness because of the power cuts. It was a great joy to see the impact that Solarly can have wherever it sets foot.


The nurses’ daily lives radically transformed

In the health center located in Foumban, we met a nurse who told us about the changes that the SolarlyBox would bring to their daily life. With a big smile, she told us that she helped a woman deliver earlier in the morning with a flashlight on her head as sole light. She acknowledged that the the installation of the solar kit would really make her job easier. It is really gratifying to see that the solar kits will really allow them to provide care in better conditions.