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Installation of a SolarlyBox in a church in the region of Ngoumou

Our team went to a village in the district of Ngoumou, in the central region of Cameroon to do an installation in a church.

When we arrived on the spot, we realized that the village has access to the power distribution network but the electricity is not permanent, and power cuts can sometimes last several weeks. This can be a real constraint for the functioning of a church because, without electricity, many activities cannot be carried out as for example the organisation of evening prayers where the lighting guarantees a certain safety in such remote places. We can also talk about the fact that the lack of electricity prevents the proper functioning of the church in the sense that tools such as microphones and instruments are not always operational because of this frequent lack of electricity.


We proceeded to the installation of a pack containing two solar panels of 150Wp and a battery of 150 Ah to illuminate the church and ensure its good functioning. The box has been installed in the priest’s office which allows him to benefit from the lighting in order to receive the faithful in the best conditions but also to charge cell phones. This installation will greatly contribute to the digital growth of the church because it already allows the majority of the villagers to participate in the masses and prayers at night.