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Electrification of the Ngandie village chiefdom

In the early hours of the morning, our team went to Ngandie, a small village in the commune of Ngambè-Tikar, isolated in the heart of the bush and unknown on Google Maps.

New Generation SolarlyBox

Lighter and more efficient, our Solarly Box is capable of meeting the primary electricity needs of a household: lighting, mobile phone and tablet charging, radio, television, low consumption computer, refrigerator, sewing machine, hair clipper and any other appliance running on 12 volts. In addition to the station, the kit we provide includes one or two photovoltaic panels (depending on the needs), a battery to store solar energy (so that you can light up after dark), eight LED lamps with cables and switches and a multi-pin phone charger.

A gift from the Cameroonian diaspora

It is the village chiefdom that will benefit from the brand new Solarly Box. This first station is financed by two American NGOs: Field of Dreams and One Tikar One People. The latter association brings together both the Cameroonian diaspora living in the United States and Americans whose distant origins date back to Cameroon, at the time of the triangular trade, and more precisely to the Tikar ethnic group, which is the majority in the village of Ngandie.


After some practical explanations given by Jessis, in charge of Cameroon, and Michel, in charge of the technical side, to the chief’s sons who volunteered to help us, we climbed onto the fragile corrugated iron roof of the chieftaincy to hang two solar panels. Once this first task was done, all we had to do was fix the solar station to a wall of the house, install the battery in a safe place away from small children and animals, place the cables and bulbs in the places requested by Her Majesty and… connect the whole thing. Suspense. And the light was on! Everything worked as planned. The chieftaincy is illuminated and it is possible to connect other devices to the Solarly Box. And all this only thanks to the energy provided by the sun’s rays.