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C&I type installation in offices in Yaoundé in the city center.

A team of four technicians went downtown in Yaoundé to perform a C&I installation for a company that had already called on our services in the past for the installation of a SolarlyBox. Being satisfied by the quality of the Box, he decided to go to the next step by asking for a custom installation in order to have a 24 hours energy supply.

With our solar energy, our customer has a stable energy that allows him to work in the best conditions. In the long run, he will notice a significant decrease in his electricity bills. Previously, our client benefited from a box that allowed him to see his business grow exponentially, so this time, he decided to take a new step by opting for a C&I type installation of 13 kWp. As usual, part of our team went to the roof to install several solar panels, while the other part went to the technical room of the building to install the batteries (lithium). After installation, the customer was satisfied with the result, because now he has electricity 24 hours a day with clean energy. Through a monitoring system, we follow the evolution thanks to the data collected in real time. This allows us to make sure that the customer is using the solution in an ideal way, and if necessary to advise him to improve the efficiency.