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Back-up installation for a forestry station

Our team went to the East of Cameroon to carry out a solar installation for a logging company. For the development of its activity, this company generally uses a generator because of its energy consuming machines.

What is C&I?

C&I (Commercial&Industrial)  projects are custom, multi-kW, 220V installations often used for commercial or industrial activities that require more power than the SolarlyBox can provide. We can offer the same monitoring services and payment terms as with our SolarlyBoxes, but for installations with higher energy demands.

Where our SolarlyBoxes already allow us to develop small income generating activities through lamps, tv, computer or small fridge, we can here see much more. This allows us to maximize our impact by allowing for example reliable solutions for irrigation, access to water, the cold chain in large volumes, the transformation of agricultural raw materials, etc.

Sometimes a generator is not powerful enough when it has to power installations that consume a lot of energy. Moreover, a generator is polluting, noisy, requires a lot of maintenance and fuel must be constantly replenished. This is the reason why we are now making custom-made and autonomous installations to overcome these constraints.



Back-up solution provided by Solarly.

Our team went to the east of Cameroon in order to carry out an installation for a logging company currently present in Cameroon and which uses very energy consuming machines. It is therefore powered by a generator. Nevertheless, for the offices and the apartments of the company, an energy solution was necessary when the generator is stopped, during the night in particular.

So we installed a back-up consisting of 12 batteries of 150Ah which are charged by the generator during the day, but which provide the necessary electricity when it is turned off.

Everything is automated. When the generator is turned off, the back-up takes over and ensures the consumption of the company’s offices and apartments. On the other hand, if the apartments/offices consume too much energy during the night and empty the batteries, the generator will automatically start up again.

The solution provided by Solarly was tested and approved in the construction of the apartments in Mbankomo before being packaged and sent east to the heart of the operation to be operational.